For many of us, our hair is imperative to our self-image. A “good hair day” can boost self-esteem in several ways, and can help you feel more confident not just about your appearance, but also your personality. 

One way to ensure you continue having these good hair days is by getting a hair transplant to cover the areas lacking hair. Before you get the surgery done, however, here’s what you need to know.

Hair Transplant Is Permanent

During a hair transplant, the hair is taken from the sides of your scalp or from the back of your scalp, and relocated to the bald spots via surgery. It’s a permanent procedure, which means that the hair will continue to grow for the rest of your life. The transplanted hair will fall off a short while after the surgery, and then grow back and continue to grow.

Remember, the transplant doesn’t cause new hair to grow. The hair that is replanted in balder spots will remain there permanently and continue to grow.

The Transplanted Hair Can Be Styled Normally

Once you’ve had your hair transplant and the downtime period has passed, it’s time to make all your hair styling dreams come true. Transplanted hair can be styled just the way you’d style your natural hair once it starts growing. You needn’t worry about pulling off the same hairstyle on every occasion; the sky’s the limit.

Contrary to common misconception, your transplanted hair doesn’t need any special care. You can wash it the way you’d wash normal hair, pull it into a barrette or a ponytail, curl it with a hot iron rod, or just let it hang loose.

Post-Surgery Care Is Crucial

All surgical procedures require certain post-op care, no matter how big or small the surgery was. It’s the same for hair transplantation. In fact, post-surgery care is absolutely crucial for the best results, and you cannot afford to take it lightly.

When you’re planning your surgery, do keep in mind that it’ll take you a while to bounce back on your feet and resume your regular work and activities. This is because the hair follicles are extremely sensitive after the surgery and need to be protected from all sorts of external factors. For instance, you can’t let your head touch any surface, especially the area where the procedure was performed. You can only sleep on your back for the next couple of days following the surgery, and may be required to wear a shower cap during the day for maximum protection. 

This may mean you need to take a few days off work or make other arrangements to provide the best post-op care.

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