Before you come in for a hair transplant, it’s important that you prepare ahead of time. Here are some tips.

Smoking cigarettes as pictured here, should be avoided pre-procedure.

A hair transplant surgery requires preparation and care for the best results and the safest outcome. It’s vital that you prepare ahead of time and take all the necessary precautions, as well as take additional steps to care for yourself.

There are different things you can do, including both medical and lifestyle modifications. Here are some of the simplest, most effective measures that you should take pre-op:

Stop smoking at least 24 hours before

Smoking at least 24 hours before your surgery is crucial. While other major surgeries often require a longer period of no-smoking, it’s important to give your body a break for however long you can. Smoking can disrupt and affect blood flow, anesthesia, and other vital processes, which is why it’s particularly harmful before this surgical procedure.

Avoid alcohol before and after surgery too

Again, alcohol is another dangerous and risk-increasing factor before major surgery. You want to avoid drinking at least 36–48 hours before surgery because alcohol tends to have blood-thinning effects and other impacts on your health.

It’s very dangerous to consume even small amounts, whether it’s a beer, or a glass of wine, so no matter what anyone tells you, don’t drink. If you’d like to calm your nerves, try these other tips instead.

A woman massages her scalp as recommended pre-procedure.

Talk to your surgeon about medications

It’s crucial to talk to your surgeon about all the medications you’re on before your procedure. This includes blood thinners, anti-depressants, and even many multivitamins. They might hinder the procedure and could have adverse effects. Your doctor will advise you regarding which ones to leave and which ones you can keep taking.

Improve circulation and soften your scalp

While scalp massages have been linked to increased hair growth, this may not always hold true. However, as a pre-surgery procedure, they’re a great way to soften up your scalp, improving circulation and helping the procedure go smoothly.

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