The eyebrows are one of our most prominent facial features, but they can experience shedding too. Learn more about the signs here.

Closeup of a woman with thin, sparse eyebrows.

There’s no denying how absolutely obsessed we are with brows as a society. The past decade has truly seen a resurgence in terms of how much we value this facial feature, and for all the right reasons.

After all, eyebrows play a major role in the way we look, the health of our eyes, and more. They frame the face and are a timeless expression of beauty.

There are various factors that affect eyebrow shedding, also known as hypotrichosis, or madarosis, including continued treatments, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle and dietary habits, genetic predisposition, and health conditions such as alopecia, among others. Here are some signs to help you identify if the shedding is becoming a problem:


1.     You see your brow hairs shedding and falling

It’s okay to lose a few eyebrow hairs once in a while, especially over the natural lifespan of your brows, but anything more than that could be a cause for concern.

If you find that every swipe of your makeup wipe, or every time you touch your face, wash it, or scrub your skin leads to brow hairs falling out and shedding, you should pay close attention to the situation.

A woman with closed eyes, and thin, pencil-like brows.

2.     They appear thinner than before

Other causes, such as thyroid disorders can also cause brow thinning. This may be more inconspicuous and can take a while to notice, but if you find that they’re much thinner than they used to be, without overplucking, threading, or waxing, you should consider seeking help, or finding the cause.

3.     Your brows look patchier and sparser

It’s not just the width or shape that can get thinner over time. If you see that your brows are patchier, sparser, and missing hairs that just won’t grow back, you may be experiencing brow loss. If despite shedding and falling out, the patches don’t seem to be filling out, you should consult an expert.


Brow hair loss, while difficult to reverse, especially if permanent and severe, can be treated eyebrow hair transplantation. Learn more about this revolutionary procedure that we offer at our hair transplant clinic in Europe by contacting us or visiting this page.



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