Beards are a sign of virility, masculinity, and fashion. If you’ve just gotten a beard transplant, here are some great styles to help you show off your new look.

A man sports a long, salt-and-pepper beard

Beards have long been associated with manliness, sexuality, and virility. They’re also an important social, cultural, and religious symbol for men across the world. It’s no surprise then that a lot of men struggle when they have thin, patchy, or little to no facial hair.

We FUE beard transplant treatment that are non-invasive, highly-effective, and great for those who’ve suffered various forms of hair thinning and loss, which extends to facial hair too. Our treatment can help restore hair growth and gives you the most luscious, thick, and healthy beard over time.

If you’re considering getting a beard transplant, consider the following styles as part of your new regimen. Many of them are easy to maintain and care for, and allow you to experiment with your new look all you want:

1.     Sexy, rugged, thin stubble

Nothing looks hotter than some 5’oclock shadow—but well-groomed. You can achieve the designer stubble look by maintaining one; it’ll look rugged but not quite, and accentuates features like your jawline, and cheekbones, without concealing your face.

2.     A thick, full, but close-cut beard

You can also opt for a thick and full beard that ends right at your neck, as pictured below. This is different from your average look, yet remains sultry, and channels all the machismo in the world! While this type of beard might require time and maintenance, as well as proper care to grow, it’s a great look, especially for fuller faces and broader-framed bodies.

It’s a similar look to the business beard, which works especially well for those who are in the corporate sector and need to look well-groomed at all times.

A man looks pensively into the camera, showing off his thick, well-groomed beard.

3.     Longer, wilder, more unruly beard

You can choose a wilder, more outdoorsy look with a longer, but well-shaped and maintained beard too. This style is great for those who love to experiment with their look and don’t mind having a little length. You can grow your beard as long as you like, whether it’s till your chest, or peaks just below your chin.

4.     Classic royal beard and goatee

This is a goatee and beard style that Gilette seems to love too. Helping you achieve a full moustache and pairing it with a well-shaped goatee, it takes a modern approach to a classic style. It’s perfect for those who love their facial hair but can’t get enough of their jawline either.

Can’t get enough of these sexy looks? You, too, can achieve the ultimate beard! Get in touch with our beard transplantation clinic in Europe, and we’ll set you up with some of the best surgeons in the region. Find out more about our prices and other details here.



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