Whether you’re looking for head, eyebrow, beard, or moustache transplantation, here’s how FUE hair transplantation can change your life for good!

Man, with receding hairline hiding face

As we grow older, life throws several curve balls at us that seem to increase with age relentlessly. These troubles include one extremely scary thing: hair loss!

Stress aggravates hair loss, and hair loss aggravates stress, phew! Hair loss affects thousands of people and can occur for several reasons. Sometimes, it’s hereditary, while other times, factors such as nutrient deficiencies, stress, or hormones are the culprits to be blamed.

Interestingly, men are more likely to face hereditary baldness as they age, and it not only affects hair on their head but also their beard, eyebrows, and moustache. Truth be told, most people find baldness or bald patches unattractive, and it can severely affect one’s self-esteem and confidence.

The terrific news is that procedures such as FUT and FUE hair transplantation have made head hair, eyebrows, beard & moustache transplantation minimally invasive, virtually painless, significantly refined, and immaculately natural looking. Experts recommend two main types of transplant procedures.

Men’s FUE And FUT Hair Transplants: What’s the Difference?

Man’s head with hair loss

FUE method involves individual follicular units being excised one by one from the donor side. For example, if the donor site is the patient’s neck, it doesn’t mean it will feel bald with sores, but hair growth gradually feels reduced over time as hair gets transferred to the head.

FUT method involves the surgeon making an incision to remove a strip of donor skin and extracts hair from it using microscopy. The hair is then transferred to the recipient side.

Life-Changing Benefits of Hair Transplant

Sleek Natural Appearance

Back in the 1970s, hair transplant procedures were widely known as ‘plugs’ and left people with outdated, unnatural looking hair. Technological advancements have enabled hair transplant clinics to harvest smooth and natural-looking hair, along with a realistic hairline!

Long-Lasting Results

Firstly, FUT or FUE hair transplantations have long-lasting results. But if someone suffers from genetic or patterned hair loss, transplanted hair stays resilient so that you can flaunt the new hair until the end of times!

Man, with a green plant on the head instead of hair

Multiple Styling Options

A receding hairline significantly limits styling options for both men and women. Having a full head of hair enables them to try limitless possibilities of hairdos when it comes to styling their hair. No matter what the event is, you’ll be able to make an everlasting impression with luscious hair!

Look Better, Feel Better

Not only does losing hair affect how others view you, but it also affects how you perceive yourself. Hair loss makes people look older, and patchy hair gives an unkempt outlook, making people seem less presentable. A hair transplant can make you fall in love with your reflection in the mirror once again!

If you’re facing hair loss and want to gain your confidence back, visit Novopilus. As Europe’s leading FUE hair transplantation clinic that caters to men and women, we offer a comprehensive range of skin rejuvenation and hair transplant services, including eyebrow hair transplantation, beard hair transplant, PDO thread lift, facial hair transplantation, moustache transplantation, and more.

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