Here are a few tips to achieve optimal hair health. If all else fails, consult with experts at hair transplant clinics to learn about FUE hair transplantations.

Hair Strands in woman’s hairbrush

Nothing feels more terrible than seeing clumps of hair cling to your hands each time you run your fingers through them or rinse them, let alone cleaning the panic-inducing hairballs stuck in the hairbrush!

It makes you think that there’s something medically wrong with you, and you begin to wonder what amount of hair fall is considered normal and how you will look with bald patches?!

British Association of Dermatologists studied the phenomenon, and you can breathe a sigh of relief because chances are, you’re just dealing with seasonal hair loss.  

Rant: Why does hair always grow unabated in unwanted places such as the ear and nose?! Its indeed one of life’s great ironies!

Studies reveal that when the weather changes drastically, it causes our hair to shed more than usual. It can be because dryness in the air sucks all the moisture from our scalp, leading to increased breakage and hair that look lifeless and flat.

If you wish to prevent hair loss caused due to your hair going through a change, here are some tips to mitigate its effects.


Regularly steaming the scalp opens hair follicles that allow proper absorption of nutrients. It also helps moisturize the scalp and adds life to the hair, making them stronger, smooth, and shiny!


Massage your hair regularly with hot oil when the dry weather wreaks havoc on your hair. The goodness of hot oil nourishes the scalp and strengthens roots, making your hair lustrous and shiny again!


Experts recommend getting trims every six to eight weeks to retain optimal hair and scalp health. When split ends and damaged hair are chucked out, it prevents hair damage and stimulates hair growth.

Girl with damaged hair with split ends

Avoid Hot Showers

Winters and cold showers? Yikes! But research reveals that hot showers that go beyond 12 minutes can make your hair frizzy, dry and lead to irreversible hair damage.

Avoid Blow-Drying

Blow drying your hair after each shower sucks all the moisture out of your scalp and causes excessive breakage. Try to air-dry your hair naturally, and stay indoors until they dry to avoid dryness, damage, or risk of catching the flu!


Whether you prefer DIY homemade masks or over the counter products to combat the effects of seasonal changes or heating and styling products, indulging in some deep conditioning every once in a while will help replenish the moisture and texture of your scalp and prevent seasonal hair loss. 

If none of the tips works, your hair loss might be due to hormonal, hereditary, or other reasons. No need to panic! Novopilus, Europe’s leading hair transplant clinic, offers an extensive range of FUT and FUE hair transplantation services, eyebrow hair transplantation, beard hair transplant, PDO thread lift, facial hair transplantation, moustache transplantation, and more.

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