Here’s all the information regarding FUE beard transplant treatments and what to expect when you visit a hair transplantation clinic for beard and moustache transplantation.

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Beards were touted as a sign of status and wealth in the Egyptian empire, whereas Roman’s cultivated them to signify mourning periods. Studies published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology reveal that today, beards are perceived as a symbol of maturity, physical strength, masculinity, and lush facial hair is an essential style accessory.

While having scanty, patchy facial hair growth is perfectly normal and more common than you may think, thankfully, you’re living in the right decade for someone who faces this problem.

The cosmetic industry’s cutting-edge innovations over the last few decades have changed the outlook for people suffering from thinning hairlines or male pattern baldness.

Although beard and moustache transplantation have joined the bandwagon more recently, FUE beard transplant treatment has become a viable and effective solution for hair loss issues.

What May Be Causing the Beard To Be Patchy?

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Genes: DHT levelsare responsible for hereditary male-pattern baldness. It’s not an illness but a natural condition commonly caused by a combination of hormone levels, genetics, and the ageing process. While geneticists have successfully pinpointed which genes are responsible for hair loss, they’re still unable to find a cure!

Hormones: DHT, the hormone derived from testosterone, harms the hypertensive hair follicles negatively when in surplus, eventually hindering hair growth.   

Alopecia: An autoimmune condition called alopecia areata may be the real culprit behind hair loss, especially causing uneven and scanty growth on the face, scalp, and other parts of the body. The condition affects more than 7.3 million people in the USA, but it’s usually treatable.

The FUE Beard Transplant Treatment

Experts at beard transplantation clinics recommend Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure that involves individual follicles being harvested from the viable donor site to be transplanted to your face.

Interesting Facts

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#1 Some surgeons use one hair while others use two per graft to make the beard appear more natural.

#2 On average, 4500 to 7200 hair follicles can be transplanted one by one or two by two per procedure.

#3 Even though it’s a relatively minimally invasive procedure, Anesthesia is administered to sedate as it’s a delicate procedure that requires the patient to stay calm and comfortable.

#4 The transplanted hair will begin falling out in three weeks. There’s no need to panic; it’s perfectly normal as this process paves the way for new, healthier growth.

#5 The procedure can last up to six hours and should only be performed by a highly-skilled expert because it requires pristine precision to ensure all hair is in the right direction, there is minimal scarring, and the results are no less than fabulous!

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