Taking care of your hair after a hair transplant makes a great difference. Learn how to best groom your hair after the treatment.

Hair transplants are becoming a more reliable solution for those suffering from hair loss and have exhausted all other possible options. But getting a hair transplant isn’t the end of the road on your journey to getting healthy hair. After getting hair transplantation, the proper care can make a massive difference to the results you achieve. Here’s how to groom your hair after a transplant:

A woman with voluminous hair after a hair transplant treatment

Avoid Shaving

As the hair follicles from the transplant may still be sensitive, it’s best to avoid shaving altogether for at least three months after getting the procedure. The hair follicles would need time to become strong enough to withstand the pressure from shaving. You should instead use scissors to trim the hair.

Use Gentler Products

If you apply a lot of product on the hair after a transplant, they will weigh the hair down. Transplanted hair needs to have less weight on it, so you should avoid using a lot of products. Use a gentle shampoo to remove oil and dirt to ensure a cleaner area that’ll heal faster.

Heat Is Harmful

Heat can have a harmful effect on hair, especially the hair which has been recently transplanted. You might think that using a heat protectant would prevent this, but a heat protectant has harsh chemicals that can also cause hair damage. Avoid using styling tools and even excessive sunlight to keep your new hair protected.

A hair transplant treatment fixing bald patches on a woman’s head

Comb Correctly

You should comb transplanted hair in the direction of the hair growth. Use a soft hairbrush, and be sure not to yank it as that’s more likely to uproot the hair.

Take Dietary Precautions

Grooming transplanted hair also involves taking care of your diet. You should avoid having caffeine, energy drinks, or any other food item that is high in sugar as it’ll cause your blood pressure to rise and cause bleeding in the transplant area.

Lessen Physical Contact

If you’ve had a hair transplant on your scalp, minimize the hair’s physical contact. This means you shouldn’t touch it or wear headgear, like a helmet, that may exert pressure on it. You can also wear loose shirts or button-downs, so stress is minimized.

Getting a hair transplant from an experienced professional would lessen the chances of discomfort later on while bringing you the results you’re hoping for. Novopilus is a hair transplant clinic with over 10 years of experience. We offer advanced hair transplantation treatments for men and womenContact us to book your free consultation today!



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